RECOACTIV® Immune Tonic

For dogs in convalescence (recovery) and with disturbed food intake

  • Support of the immune system through high-quality ingredients to maintain the immune system
  • Loss of appetite and refusal to eat due to weakness, illness and/or surgery
  • Easier food intake for complaints in the mouth and throat
  • Increase in food intake thanks to outstanding acceptance
  • Maintaining a necessary fluid balance

Size: 3x90ml


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The RECOACTIV® Immune Tonicum is a tasty dietary supplement to support the dog's immune system in every phase of life.

Young dogs in particular initially have a poorly developed immune system and are more likely to suffer from all kinds of infections, especially respiratory infections and diarrhea. But older dogs are also increasingly susceptible to infections due to a weakening immune system. In both cases, it is necessary to feed a high-quality food that provides the dog with all the nutrients it needs, such as easily digestible proteins, vitamins and trace elements, in sufficient quantities.

Other factors for reduced defenses in dogs are mainly stress and illnesses that can reduce the functions of the immune system. Stress can arise for the animal when moving, moving in with a second animal or separating from an owner. The animals can lose their appetite and eat insufficiently. Local complaints in the mouth and throat, such as inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes, are also responsible for difficult and consequently inadequate feed intake. The same applies to weakened animals after operations that temporarily have difficulty absorbing solid food. Feeding RECOACTIV® Immune Tonicum is particularly recommended in the aforementioned phases of weakness and in the event of nutritional deficiencies or deficiencies, as it is easily and readily absorbed due to its liquid texture and high level of acceptance.

RECOACTIV® products contain important vitamins and trace elements and consist of natural, food-grade ingredients. They are free of grains, sugar, colors and preservatives.

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