RECOACTIV® Heart Tonic

For dogs with cardiac dysfunction and for prophylaxis

  • Improvement of heart muscle strength through L-carnitine, an important component of the energy metabolism of the heart muscle
  • Heart function supported by a high content of taurine (essential amino sulfonic acid)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids with antithrombotic properties also support heart and circulatory health
  • Hawthorn provides valuable secondary plant substances
  • High palatability (acceptability) and liquid texture ensure the absorption of liquid and important nutrients

Size: 3x90ml


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The RECOACTIV® Heart Tonicum is a low-sodium, tasty supplementary food, developed for dogs with cardiac dysfunction and as a preventive addition to their daily diet.

The product is suitable for all older dogs, especially those with diagnosed heart failure. Furthermore, the product can also be used to support certain breeds with a predisposition to heart disease in earlier phases of life. A frequently affected breed is, for example, the Boxer.

If a dog suffers from a lack of L-carnitine, this can lead to heart muscle weakness (DCM), which can often be regulated by adding L-carnitine to the food. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) involves a decrease in the thickness of the heart muscle wall, which leads to a reduction in the heart's beating power. Colloquially we can also speak of a “worn out” heart.

It is not only important for cats to supplement their diet with taurine if they have heart dysfunction; taurine and other high-quality nutrients contained in RECOACTIV® Heart Tonicum also support heart function in dogs.

RECOACTIV® products contain important vitamins and trace elements and consist of natural, food-grade ingredients. They are free of grains, sugar, colors and preservatives.

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