RECOACTIV® joint tonic

For dogs of all ages with degenerative joint diseases and for prophylaxis in cases of particular stress

  • Suitable for dogs with arthrosis-related movement restrictions due to age, deformities or injuries and excessive strain
  • Support for joint metabolism/cartilage through glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and omega-3 fatty acids contained in green-lipped mussel extract
  • Protection of cells from free radicals and fatty acids from oxidation thanks to an antioxidant complex
  • Manganese, MSM, devil's claw and willow bark also support the musculoskeletal system
  • High acceptance and easy administration due to outstanding palatability and liquid texture
  • Size: 3x90ml


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    The RECOACTIV® Joint Tonicum is specially designed to regulate joint metabolism in osteoarthritis (painful, inflammatory and degenerative processes in the joints) and to maintain joint mobility.

    It is particularly suitable for animals with limited mobility due to osteoarthritis, for animals with signs of wear and tear on the cartilage due to age, injuries or misalignments, as well as for animals under heavy strain and for prophylaxis. The RECOACTIV® Joint Tonicum prevents nutritional deficiency symptoms and supports the targeted supply of the joints with specific, required nutrients, such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine (glycosaminoglycans), green-lipped mussel extract and omega-3 fatty acids. The glycosaminoglycans (GAG) chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are important cartilage building materials that are required for water binding capacity and elasticity. It also contains MSM, devil's claw and willow bark. The tonic is long-term very well tolerated and is optimally absorbed thanks to its liquid form.

    What is osteoarthritis/arthritis in dogs?
    Osteoarthritis, or arthrosis for short, is a degenerative wear and tear of the joint, cartilage and bones. The causes can be of different nature, ranging from mechanical wear and tear due to congenital misalignments and excessive stress to infections, for example caused by germs, bites or even ticks. It is not uncommon for osteoarthritis and arthritis to be interdependent and benefit each other in a negative sense. As a result of damage to the cartilage, the so-called shock absorber, inflamed joints (acute arthritis) cause pain when standing up and lying down, and as symptoms progress, also during general movement. The affected animal adopts a protective posture to avoid pain or ultimately avoids movement in general, and the joy of playing decreases.

    This is accompanied by stiffness after periods of rest and the loss of elasticity of the joints (hardening of the joint capsule), which reduces the animal's quality of life. Due to a lack of exercise, muscle mass is broken down, the joints are less protected and are exposed to greater strain when the weight is higher. The process of acute and chronic breakdown processes in the affected joints continues. It is therefore of utmost importance to maintain moderate movement, as this promotes blood circulation and thus activates and enables the necessary nutrient supply to the joints via the synovium (“joint fluid”). It is therefore important to break the negative interaction between avoiding movement due to pain and intensifying symptoms due to a lack of movement!

    How can arthritis in dogs be treated?
    In the short term, pain can be reduced by using pain-relieving preparations, but in the long term they put a strain on the stomach, liver and kidneys. Inflammation should also be treated, as there is a risk of further loss of substance in cartilage and bones. Natural active ingredients that are pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory can be used to support and permanently reduce the amount of medication or, depending on the symptoms, to completely eliminate it and thus promote the animal's health and quality of life.

    Moderate exercise and, in particular, high doses of additional ingredients that are important for joint metabolism, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, green-lipped mussel, chondroitin, devil's claw and MSM, can significantly support the supply of the joints and thus their health.

    RECOACTIV® products contain important vitamins and trace elements and consist of natural, food-grade ingredients. They are free of grains, colors and preservatives.

    For larger animals weighing 20 kg or more, the product is also available as RECOACTIV® Joint Forte Tonicum .

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