RECOACTIV® Recovery Immune Tonic

High-calorie complete feed for underweight cats with malnutrition and in convalescence (recovery)

  • Ensuring the energy supply due to high-calorie recipe
  • Loss of appetite and refusal to eat due to weakness, illness and/or surgery
  • Facilitation of food intake for complaints in the mouth and throat
  • Increase in food intake thanks to outstanding acceptance, proven by studies*
  • Maintaining a necessary fluid balance

Size: 3x90ml


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RECOACTIV® Recovery Immun is a tasty, high-calorie food for poorly eating and weakened cats with very high energy requirements as a result of illness or surgery.

Being underweight and poor general health are usually the result of inadequate food intake. Chronic sick and old animals that eat poorly due to a lack of appetite, as well as animals with tooth, mouth and throat problems that suffer pain when eating solid food are particularly often affected. In hepatic lipidosis, food intake is a prerequisite for recovery. Due to the high level of acceptance, combined with high energy density, RECOACTIV® Recovery Immun significantly supports the weight gain of malnourished cats.

The tonic is very well tolerated and is well absorbed thanks to the liquid dosage form. It promotes appetite and thus food intake in cases of illness and convalescence as well as general loss of appetite and refusal to eat. In this way, RECOACTIV® strengthens and supplies the animal with important vital substances, prevents deficiency symptoms and makes an important contribution to the prevention and treatment of your cat. RECOACTIV® Recovery Immun can be administered as a complete feed and completely cover the animal's energy and nutrient needs in acute phases.

RECOACTIV® products contain important vitamins and trace elements and consist of natural, food-grade ingredients. They are free of grains, sugar, colors and preservatives.

*In collaboration with the Institute for Animal Nutrition at the Free University of Berlin, Department of Veterinary Medicine, a scientific study has proven that RECOACTIV® both promotes the absorption of water and significantly stimulates the appetite of cats and causes increased food intake.

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