RECOACTIV® Immune Tonic

Appetite-stimulating diet supplement for cats in convalescence, underweight and with impaired food intake

  • For general loss of appetite and refusal to eat due to malaise, illness or surgery as well as hepatic lipidosis
  • For underweight and to increase the intake of food thanks to outstanding acceptance
  • Gentle food intake for painful complaints in the mouth and throat thanks to the liquid consistency
  • Maintaining a necessary fluid balance
  • Support with changing the feed

Size: 3x90ml


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RECOACTIV® Immun Tonicum for cats is an appetite-stimulating diet supplement for the nutritional restoration of cats that eat poorly and are weakened as a result of general malaise, illness or operations, as well as hepatic lipidosis (“fatty liver”). Thanks to its outstanding acceptance, RECOACTIV® Immun fulfills the function of an appetite stimulant and encourages cats to eat food independently, even when changing food is difficult.

RECOACTIV® Immune for cats promotes appetite, provides the animals with sufficient fluids and provides easily digestible, high-quality proteins, vitamins and trace elements.
Due to its liquid form, urgently needed nutrients can be easily absorbed even in the case of painful diseases of the teeth, gums and in the mouth and throat, as the chewing and swallowing system is only exposed to little strain.

RECOACTIV® Immune for cats is very well and permanently tolerated and is effectively absorbed in the intestine due to its consistency. It stimulates food intake* even in cases of illness and convalescence as well as general loss of appetite and refusal to eat. In this way, RECOACTIV® strengthens and supplies the animal with important vital substances, prevents deficiency symptoms and makes an important contribution to the prevention and treatment of the cat.

Why cats don't eat
Loss of appetite is a common phenomenon in cats and the reasons are varied. While, for example, high temperatures or new food can temporarily cause “upset”, other causes are more serious and should be investigated and treated quickly. If there is pain or deeper medical reasons and the cat stops eating for a longer period of time, you should definitely consult a veterinarian!
However, most causes of reluctance to eat are harmless and can be influenced by the pet owner. Possible reasons for inappetence in cats include:

  • Abrupt change in feed – a change in feed should be gradual and over a longer period of time, and the feed should always be fresh
  • Stress – a change in environment, for example due to moving or the death of a roommate, can have a temporary impact on your mood
  • Discomfort in the teeth and in the mouth and throat, which causes pain when eating
  • Feeling unwell due to fever, infections or parasites
  • Organ diseases such as kidney failure

Why is it critical if cats don't eat for a long time?
In contrast to dogs, for example, persistent refusal to eat is critical in cats. Cats are so-called carnivores, which means that they feed primarily and regularly on prey animals and their proteins. If this supply of proteins is missing due to stopped or restricted food intake, the metabolism falls back on the body's own fat reserves. However, due to a lack of adaptability, the dissolved fat is not completely broken down into energy and accumulates in the liver. Prolonged sobriety ultimately leads to so-called hepatic lipidosis, a life-threatening, acute fatty liver. In this case, it must be ensured immediately and consistently that the animal is supplied with plenty of moisture and energy, in extreme cases by force feeding. Immediate nutrition is an absolute basic requirement for recovery! Basically, regular food intake is essential for keeping cats healthy; moist food with high-quality proteins and no grains is preferred.

RECOACTIV® products contain important vitamins and trace elements and consist of natural, food-grade ingredients. They are free of grains, sugar, colors and preservatives.

*In collaboration with the Institute for Animal Nutrition at the Free University of Berlin, Department of Veterinary Medicine, a scientific study has proven that RECOACTIV® both promotes the absorption of water and significantly stimulates the appetite of cats and causes increased food intake.

RECOACTIV® Kidney Tonic is available for cats with kidney dysfunction and (chronic) kidney insufficiency.

Welches Produkt benötigt meine Katze?

Appetitlosigkeit und nach Schwächephasen

RECOACTIV Immun Tonicum

Wann anwenden? Appetitanregendes Diät-Ergänzungsfuttermittel für schlecht fressende und geschwächte Katzen und bei hepatischer LipidoseWeitere Produktinformationen

Wie oft? 10 ml pro Tag. Bei akuter Ernährungskrise 3 x 10 ml pro Tag

Dauer? Bei Bedarf kann das Produkt dauerhaft gegeben werden. Es sollte stets frisches Wasser zur freien Verfügung angeboten werden.

Appetitlosigkeit und ersten Anzeichen einer Nierenfunkstionsstörung

RECOACTIV Nieren Tonicum

Wann anwenden? Appetitanregendes Ergänzungsfuttermittel für ältere Katzen und solche mit frühen Anzeichen einer Nierenfunktionsstörung

Wie oft? 10 ml pro Tag. Bei akuter Ernährungskrise 3 x 10 ml pro Tag

Dauer? Bei Bedarf kann das Produkt dauerhaft gegeben werden. Es sollte stets frisches Wasser zur freien Verfügung angeboten werden.

altersbedingter/chronischer Niereninsuffizienz, mit Phosphatbinder


Wann anwenden? Schmackhaftes Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Katzen mit Nierenfunktionsstörungen/CNI, mit Phosphatbinder

Wie oft? Eine durchschnittliche Katze (ca. 4,5 kg) erhält 10 ml pro Tag.

Dauer? Bei Bedarf kann das Produkt dauerhaft gegeben werden. Die Blutwerte sollten in regelmäßigen Abständen vom Tierarzt überprüft werden. Es sollte stets frisches Wasser zur freien Verfügung angeboten werden.

Bei hohem Energiebedarf und Nierenfunktionsstörungen (hochkalorisch) / zur Gewichtszunahme

RECOACTIV Recovery Renal

Wann anwenden? Schmackhaftes, hochkalorisches Futtermittel für Katzen mit hohem Energiebedarf und eingeschr. Nierenfunktion

Wie oft? kann pur als Alleinfutter oder als Ergänzung zum Futter je nach Verwendungszweck gegeben werden - siehe Tabelle

Dauer? Je nach Anwendungsfall dauerhafte Gabe möglich

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