Cats need certain nutrients to stay healthy. These are usually all included in the complete food, which is also labeled as such. Depending on the cat's condition, age and physical characteristics, it may need to receive additional nutrients. The best way to do this is to give them nutritional supplements that are perfectly tailored to the cats' needs.


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RECOACTIV® Immune Tonic
RECOACTIV® Immune Tonic Sale price€25,90 EUR(€95,93/l)
RECOACTIV® Recovery Renal Tonic
RECOACTIV® Recovery Renal Tonic Sale priceFrom €25,90 EUR (€118,15/l)
RECOACTIV® Recovery Immune Tonic
RECOACTIV® Recovery Immune Tonic Sale priceFrom €25,90 EUR (€118,15/l)
RECOACTIV® kidney tonic
RECOACTIV® kidney tonic Sale price€28,90 EUR(€107,04/l)
RECOACTIV® Renaltan Tonic
RECOACTIV® Renaltan Tonic Sale price€29,90 EUR(€110,74/l)
RECOACTIV® Heart Tonic
RECOACTIV® Heart Tonic Sale price€27,40 EUR(€101,48/l)