RECOACTIV® Immune Tonic

Is your cat no longer eating? With RECOACTIV® your cat will eat again after 3 days!

The RECOACTIV® Immune Tonicum is a liquid appetite stimulant that you can give your cat directly or add to its food. For 95% of our customers, the cat eats as usual again after 3 days at the latest.

  • Increase in appetite and food intake in cases of general loss of appetite, malaise, illness, surgery and fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis)
  • Support for underweight and promotion of food intake thanks to high acceptance
  • Easier absorption for painful mouth and throat symptoms due to the liquid consistency
  • Maintaining a necessary fluid balance
  • Help and support when changing feed

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RECOACTIV® Immune Tonicum for Cats is a dietary supplement for cats that cannot eat well because they are sick or needing to recover from surgery.

The tonic promotes appetite and contains important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and trace elements that cats need to recover.

It is also suitable for cats who have difficulty chewing or swallowing their food as it comes in liquid form.

If your cat doesn't eat, this can have serious consequences, especially if it goes without food for a long time, as cats eat primarily proteins and the liver can be damaged by the loss of fat reserves.

Therefore, it is important that your cat eats regularly to stay healthy. RECOACTIV® Immune Tonic for Cats helps stimulate your cat's appetite and provides essential nutrients to prevent deficiencies and aid during recovery.

*In collaboration with the Institute for Animal Nutrition at the Free University of Berlin, Department of Veterinary Medicine, a scientific study has proven that RECOACTIV® both promotes the absorption of water and significantly stimulates the appetite of cats and causes increased food intake.

RECOACTIV® Kidney Tonic is available for cats with kidney dysfunction and (chronic) kidney insufficiency .

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